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  ※“Verdenite” is developed (registered) by Verde Co., Ltd.
           The Natural soil material for environment Verdenite, is a patent products of Co., Ltd. Verde 


Naturel soil material for environment “VERDENITE”



Verdenite                                                                             Taiyo Industry Africa

Verdenite is :  
only one technology in the world, impossible to imitate

Plant factory or soil improvement can be done by using this technology

Possible to "grow the crop" in any soil or sand (except in soil contained heavy metal)



is a product made of peat moss (wet moss) already used all over the world as a soil improvement agent, which is coated with “montmorillonite (commonly called bentonite)”, the highest quality clay with high ion-exchange capacity.

In fact, VERDENITE is incomparable and the best non-chemical, environment material for soil in the world, featuring the highly water-absorbing properties and water-holding ability of peat moss and the high fertilizer-holding ability of montmorillonite.



Verdenite                                                                        Taiyo Industry Africa


Acquisition of the patents of VERDENITE

In Japan, U.S.A., and Canada

         U.S.A     No.5759225

         Canada No.2180900

         Japan    No.3389017


Product description                                                                      Taiyo Industry Africa




Board for raising paddy rice seedlings


VERDENITE tablets are produced by drying and compressing VERDENITE and shaping it into two kinds of tablets: tablets with a diameter of 20 mm and tablets with a diameter of 40 mm. VERDENITE tablets are popular items, which are used as nursery soil for flowers and ornamental plants and as materials for cultivation kits.

20mmΦ  40mmΦ
Thickness /8mm    (Average) 

VERDENITE boards are produced by drying and compressing VERDENITE and shaping it into two sizes of boards. The VERDENITE boards are suitable for placing an admixture of soil in environments where ordinary culture soil is difficult to carry. In particular, VERDENITE is extremely close to natural soil as a rooftop greening material. It features no flying off of topsoil and substantial reduction in load, about a half of the load of natural soil even when VERDENITE contains the necessary amount of water.  


VERDENITE grassboard is a product made of the aforementioned board incorporating lawn grass seeds. The grassboard allows simplification of placement and easy greening. It can be used for aerial seeding work because of its light weight.



The VERDENITE board for raising paddy rice seedlings is produced by drying and compressing VERDENITE and shaping it into a board. It has realized a reduction in weight (about 420 g) and a reduction in volume compared with the conventional soil for raising paddy rice seedlings (about 5 kg). It weighs about one eleventh to one twelfth the weight of conventional soil for raising paddy rice seedlings or about one ninth the volume. In addition, in the case of VERDENITE board for raising paddy rice seedlings, the frequency of watering can be reduced to once per two or three days compared with once a day in the case of conventional soil.



Example of use                                                                       Taiyo Industry Africa


VERDENITE is highly effective for greening deserts, inhibiting desertification, preventing disasters derived from acid rainfall, regenerating barren lands, etc.

Working scene  Trees planting completed.  After 30 days 

After 75 days 

    An incomparable chemical-free, environment material for soil that is the best
       in the world

    A high water-holding ability, which enables reduction in the frequency of

    A high fertilizer-holding ability, which is effective in reducing the cost

    Usable without any treatment because the pH has already been adjusted

    Contains a large number of negative ions which provide a good soil condition

    Highly transportable because it is lightweight and compact

    Easily restorable to its original state by absorbing water even when it has 
       become dry


                                                                                 Taiyo Industry Africa

About the research in Nigeria

  Study on
transplantation for nursery use of rice  
Development of technology sales by a healthy seedling transplanting

  Study on African orphan crops
—Development of the mass increases technology of the yam seed and sapling— 

  Commitment to
new research by research institutions of Nigeria




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