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Messages from
Embassy of the
Federal Republic of
Nigeria in Japan

21 September, 2016

Overseas Student Athlete Project

Taiyo Industry Africa Inc.

We, Taiyo Industry Africa provide opportunities for talented African student athletes of basketball, volleyball, handball, football and rugby to study at Kochi Chuo High School, a private high school in Kochi, Japan.

We believe these three points are important on the Overseas Student Athlete Project (Hereinafter referred to as “the Project”).

1. Promoting friendship between Nigeria and Japan through sports.

2. Providing new opportunities for the youth of the two countries.

3. Deepening the partnership between the Embassy, High School and our company.

We were really impressed and encouraged by Mr. B. K. Husseini, Chargé d'Affaires a.i. saying "This is a very significant project for not only Kochi Chuo High School but also the Embassy and Taiyo Industry Africa", and by hearing that the Embassy considered that the Project would have a good influence on all Japanese who were involved in concerned the Project such as students, teachers, coaches and, all prospective Nigerian youths participating this project in the future. We deeply appreciate being able to progress together under the Embassy's support.

Messages from Embassy of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Japan

"On behalf of the Government and good people of Nigeria, I wish to thank 'TAIYO INDUSTRY AFRICA' for the opportunities offered to our nationals in sporting, educational and agricultural activities. This project will go along way in improving our bilateral relationship between Nigeria and Japan."

"We appreciate 'TAIYO INDUSTRY AFRICA' for this laudable project and request that qualified Nigerians should take advantage of this to develop their talent as well as study in Japan."

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